I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest endeavor: “Value-Based Learning – Unboxing Learning in Organizations”. This book encapsulates my vision for the future of organizational learning, backed by rigorous scientific research and driven by a single, powerful belief: I LOVE ALL LEARNING

From Formal Learning to Value-Based Learning

For far too long, Learning & Development (L&D) departments have been shackled to the traditional methods of formal learning. Pressured by management and internal customers, they’ve adhered to conventional classrooms or online modules. The enormous potential of informal and social learning has been overlooked, underestimated, and often ‘boxed’ separately, leaving us with blind spots that hinder our growth.

Unboxing Learning in Organizations

Through the pages of “Value-Based Learning,” I argue against the siloing of formal, social, and informal learning. Instead, I invite you to join me on a transformative journey towards Performance-Based Learning, a strategy that unboxes these distinct methods and integrates them into a cohesive, potent learning experience.

But the unboxing process doesn’t stop there. I propose that we break down the walls between the ‘formal learning department’ (L&D) and the ‘organizational learning department’ (OD). The result? A shift towards Value-Based Learning, a fusion of performance-based learning and organizational learning. This creates a powerful, value-driven and evidence-informed learning engine that thrives in the flow of work, generates measurable business impact, and turns the cost-centered perception of L&D into a value-add paradigm.

Connecting the learning silos

In our rapidly evolving world, the luxury of overlooking alternate forms of learning is no longer feasible. “Value-Based Learning” invites you to embrace all forms of learning, uncover the blind spots, and explore innovative, impactful ways to develop your organization’s talents.

This book is more than a collection of ideas; it’s a clarion call for L&D professionals everywhere to redefine their roles and expand their horizons. It’s a guide to amplify L&D departments and an essential manual to make value-based learning the de facto standard in your organization.

Value-Based Learning – Jos Arets

Value-Based Learning is future-proof

Remember, when it comes to learning, we need to love all and learn all. In this era of constant change, Value-Based Learning is not just an innovative approach; it’s a future-proof solution, offering new heights of organizational growth and personal development.

Value-Based Learning Ecostystem

Join me on this exciting journey of unboxing learning, exploring new avenues of growth, and shaping the future of organizational development. Together, we can re-envision the new ecosystem of Value-Based Learning and inspire change that truly matters.

Embrace the change. Unbox the potential. Love all learning.

Arets L&D Business Models – Towards Value-Based L&D

Continuing from the exploration of value-based learning, my forthcoming second book titled “Arets L&D Business Models – Towards Value-Based L&D” extends the conversation into the realm of Learning and Development (L&D) within the organizational context.

This book introduces an innovative framework for understanding L&D as a function integral to the organization. It delineates the relationship between L&D and the core business along a horizontal axis, and between strategy and operations along a vertical one. This arrangement generates four distinct quadrants, each representing a unique L&D business model:

HR-focused L&D Business Models

• Order Taker
• Learning Enabler

Business-focused L&D Business Models

• Performance Enabler
• Value Creator

Roadmap Value-Creator

The Arets L&D business models collectively serve as a roadmap for the transition from learning to business value. The framework encourages a shift from the traditional HR-focused approach to a more holistic, business-centric perspective, advocating for L&D to evolve and adapt in our fast-paced world.

Two books that will amplify L&D Departments and L&D professionals

The first, “Value-Based Learning”, focuses on a range of learning methodologies and their applications in the flow of work. The second, “Arets L&D Business Models – Towards Value-Based L&D”, complements and expands upon these concepts, presenting a practical framework to understand L&D’s integral role in an organization.

Together, these works provide a comprehensive toolkit for L&D professionals, enabling them to leverage learning strategies to create business value effectively.