The Tulser team is comprised of a group of experienced professionals and is led by four people with deep knowledge of the industry and track records for developing ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions.  

Tulser helps organisations redefine the ways they drive business critical value through their L&D services. 

Tulser has three primary objectives: 

  • To help corporate learning leaders and their teams become value creators and business critical through practical, proven, and innovative approaches and tools.  
  • To provide evidence-informed, robust, tested methodologies to accelerate change. 
  • To establish an alliance across the industry to share a focus on driving business value through output led, evidence informed learning decisions.  

Tulser Global addresses this challenge with a team of independent experienced and award-winning learning and performance professionals  and changemakers with many years’ experience innovating new approaches for L&D and analysing global trends. 

Tulser focuses on co-creating and building the future of L&D as business-relevant and business-critical, where L&D leaders demonstrate business value in everything they do. 

The company is committed to transparently working to help organisations and individuals build business value through learning in ways that will bring about fundamental change to the L&D profession and industry.  


Jos Arets

Partner, Strategic Business Value Architect

Jos’ passion is for co-creating, with colleagues and clients, a new future for Learning & Development. He is a Value Creator who has worked in senior L&D roles and in human performance improvement for more than 30 years.



Charles Jennings

Partner, Strategy and Performance

Charles is known for his work extending learning beyond the formal training and development. He has wide experience helping build high performance strategies and working with CEOs and CLOs to create learning and performance solutions that work.

Vivian Heijnen

Partner, Solutions Engineering

With a background in learning, change and consulting, Vivian has deep experience managing complex projects. Her strengths are strategic thinking, pragmatism, and a knife-like focus on execution. Vivian brings unrivalled expertise in effective L&D practices to Tulser.

Address NL

Lage Kanaaldijk 113a
6212NA Maastricht

Address UK

Kemp House 152 City Road
EC1V 2NX London


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